Digital Citizen Videos

Dear Parent,

As an additional follow-up to the social media workshop that you attended in late September, the Academy purchased a license to post on our website seven short videos designed to help you as parents help your children to navigate this new world that has opened up to them via the Internet.  This video series covers a wide range of topics in the broad area of digital citizenship.  Each video is about ten minutes in length and offers real life experiences and valuable advice on topics including digital footprints, digital literacy, health and safety on line, digital commerce, and cyber bullying.  Each video also contains a Spanish translation.  We are exploring additional resources to use with the children while they are in school, and trust that these videos give you more information and suggestions about how you can complement their digital education while they are at home with you. I hope that you find them as interesting and valuable as I have.

Here’s the easy link to the video series:

Luke Nawrocki