St. Joseph Catholic Academy has partnered with The Program for the Development of Human Potential (P.D.H.P.) to have a full-time counselor on staff. P.D.H.P. is the Diocesan drug and alcohol abuse prevention agency. A variety of problems young people face such as social isolation, peer conflict, low self-esteem, academic failure and the tragic loss of a family member can be linked to future issues with drugs and alcohol. Therefore our P.D.H.P. Counselor is available to work with students individually and in groups on these and many other issues that children struggle with. In addition, the P.D.H.P. Counselor provides curriculum in the classrooms proven to aid students in improving social skills and increase their ability to be assertive and say “no” to negative peer pressures. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s academic performance, social interactions or emotional well being, please feel free to call the Counseling Office for a confidential conversation.

St. Joseph Catholic Academy students also have the benefit of Title 1 services. If your child qualifies for Title 1 and is enrolled in the math or reading programs, he/she is also eligible to work with the Title 1 Social Worker who is in our academy two days a week. Similar concerns regarding academics and social/emotional well-being can be addressed in sessions with the Title 1 Social Worker as well. A letter is distributed in the fall regarding how to enroll your child in Title 1 services. If you need additional information, please call the St. Joseph Catholic Academy Counseling Office.

St. Joseph Catholic Academy Counseling Office 718-932-0314