Booster Letter to Parents

Dear Parents/Relatives of the Graduates of 2019,

As you know, the St. Joseph Yearbook has been produced professionally for many years. We are pleased to say that it is our plan to continue this custom for the 2019 Academy Yearbook. One copy of the yearbook itself is included in the graduation fee.

It has been custom for parents to be given the opportunity to express congratulatory wishes in print in the book prior to publication. Therefore, we are offering this as an option to current parents and grandparents and other relatives who might be interested.

If you and/or another family member are interested, please complete the attached contract and submit it with the appropriate amount of money. Please submit a separate contract page for each congratulatory message you want to have included in the 2019 yearbook.

Option One – (ONE line of 80 characters, including spaces) for FIFTEEN DOLLARS
Option Two – (a Quarter page) for THIRTY DOLLARS
Option Three – (a Half page) for FIFTY DOLLARS
Option Four – (a Full page) for ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS

N.B. A picture may be included with a FULL PAGE AD ONLY. It must be submitted in jpeg or gif format to [email protected]

Please use the space on the contract to type or CLEARLY print your congratulatory message. Actual production‐ready typesetting/layout will be done by the Academy.

The ABSOLUTE deadline for ALL contract pages is by morning homeroom (8:15 a.m.) on Friday, 29.

Luke Nawrocki

Click Here to Download the Booster Letter and Form