Justice for St. Joseph Catholic Academy

The New York City Department of Education has denied St. Joseph Catholic Academy a renewal of our contract to offer free pre-kindergarten services to families in the Astoria/Long Island City communities. Our Academy has had this program in place for the past fourteen years and our future viability depends on having it!

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January 2021

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I am writing to express my dismay over the decision of the New York City Department of Education to deny the proposal from St. Joseph Catholic Academy to offer services as a NYCDOE early education provider for the 2021-2022 program year.

St. Joseph Catholic Academy has been a highly respected educational institution within the Astoria/Long Island City communities for over one-hundred years, and has enjoyed a contract with the NYCDOE to provide educational services to PK4 children for the past fourteen years.

The program at the Academy has earned a well-deserved reputation for success, and its popularity has grown over the years as a result. The residents of the community deserve the choice to continue to have their children receive educational services at St. Joseph Catholic Academy.

Therefore, I respectfully request that St. Joseph Catholic Academy’s proposal be accepted – allowing the Academy to continue to serve the people of the Astoria/Long Island City communities.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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Robert Holden
Council Member – District 30
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Costa Constantinides
Council Member – District 22
[email protected]

Bill de Blasio
[email protected]

Richard Carranza
New York City Schools Chancellor
[email protected]

Charlette Hamamgian
Senior Executive Director, DCP
[email protected]

Ibrahim Rehawi
Chief Administrator, DCP, Early Childhood Procurement
[email protected]

Terence J. Stevenson
Chief Administrator, DCP, Policy and Public Affair
[email protected]

Angela Edwards
Chief Administrator, DCP, Central Office Procurement
[email protected]

Kerri Nagorski
Director of Procurement Strategy, Division of Early Childhood Education
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