Materials Needed At Registration
  1. Baptismal Certificate (if applicable), Birth Certificate, and Immunization Record
  2. Latest report card from previous school (Grades 1-7)
  3. Results of standardized and educational testing
  4. Pertinent family and individual information relevant to the child’s well being (e.g., medical issues, custodial issues)
  5. Registration Fee of $175.00 (Not Refundable)
  6. Fundraising Fee of $ 125.00 (Per Family) and School Fee of $225 (Per Family)
Schedule of Tuition Payments

Tuition is collected in TEN installments through SMART Tuition Services beginning in May each year and ending in February of the following year.

Children bring their own lunch and drink. (Please, no bottles or cans). Limited menu of hot food sold on Tuesday, Regular Wednesdays and Thursdays. Pizza available on Fridays.